Dig Sites

List of all dig sites in Jurassic World Evolution.

Last updated date: 2023-05-14

Antlers Formation

North America | USA | Oklahoma

02:00$75,000Acrocanthosaurus x2Acrocanthosaurus x4Acrocanthosaurus x3
Bahariya Formation

Africa | Egypt | Gebel El-Dist

02:00$105,000Spinosaurus x2Spinosaurus x5Spinosaurus x3
Bissekty Formation

Asia | Uzbekistan | Kyzyl Kum

02:00$90,000Archaeornithomimus x2Archaeornithomimus x6Archaeornithomimus x3
Candeleros Formation

South America | Argentina | Neuquén Province

02:00$105,000Giganotosaurus x3Giganotosaurus x10Giganotosaurus x7

Europe | France | Canjuers

02:00$75,000Compsognathus x2Compsognathus x5Compsognathus x3
Cedar Mountain Formation

North America | USA | Eastern Utah

02:00$75,000Deinonychus x2Deinonychus x5Deinonychus x3Sauropelta x1Sauropelta x2
Cerro Fortaleza Formation

South America | Argentina | Santa Cruz Province

02:00$105,000Dreadnoughtus x4Dreadnoughtus x8Dreadnoughtus x7
Chenini Formation

Africa | Tunisia | Tataouine

02:00$105,000Spinosaurus x5Spinosaurus x4Spinosaurus x1
Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

North America | USA | Utah

02:00$90,000Brachiosaurus x2Brachiosaurus x4Brachiosaurus x1Camarasaurus x5Camarasaurus x4Camarasaurus x1Stegosaurus x5Stegosaurus x3Stegosaurus x2
Cloverly Formation

North America | USA | Utah

02:00$75,000Deinonychus x5Deinonychus x4Deinonychus x1Sauropelta x5Sauropelta x3Sauropelta x2
Dinosaur National Monument

North America | USA | Uinta Mountains

02:00$75,000Apatosaurus x5Apatosaurus x3Apatosaurus x1Camarasaurus x3Diplodocus x1Diplodocus x3Diplodocus x4Stegosaurus x5Stegosaurus x2
Dinosaur Park Formation

North America | Canada | Alberta

02:00$60,000Chasmosaurus x2Chasmosaurus x1Corythosaurus x2Corythosaurus x1Corythosaurus x3Parasaurolophus x2Parasaurolophus x2Pentaceratops x5Pentaceratops x3Pentaceratops x2Struthiomimus x2Struthiomimus x5Struthiomimus x4Styracosaurus x2Styracosaurus x5Styracosaurus x3
Egg Mountain

North America | USA | Montana

02:00$90,000Maiasaura x3Maiasaura x10Maiasaura x7
Frenchman Formation

North America | Canada | Saskatchewan

01:40$60,000Dracorex x1Dracorex x5Dracorex x4Torosaurus x2Torosaurus x5Torosaurus x1Tyrannosaurus rex x5Tyrannosaurus rex x2Tyrannosaurus rex x1
Garden Park

North America | USA | Colorado

02:00$75,000Brachiosaurus x1Brachiosaurus x3Brachiosaurus x4Diplodocus x3Diplodocus x2Diplodocus x1
Hell Creek Formation

North America | USA | Montana

02:00$75,000Ankylosaurus x5Ankylosaurus x2Dracorex x3Dracorex x2Dracorex x5Pachycephalosaurus x2Pachycephalosaurus x5Pachycephalosaurus x2Torosaurus x3Triceratops x3Triceratops x5Triceratops x2Tyrannosaurus rex x2Tyrannosaurus rex x5Tyrannosaurus rex x3
Horseshoe Canyon Formation

North America | Canada | Alberta

02:00$60,000Chasmosaurus x1Chasmosaurus x5Chasmosaurus x3Corythosaurus x1Corythosaurus x3Corythosaurus x3Edmontosaurus x2Edmontosaurus x5Edmontosaurus x3
Hythe Formation

Europe | UK | Kent

02:00$75,000Iguanodon x1Iguanodon x5Iguanodon x3
Iguanodon Mine

Europe | Belgium | Bernissart

02:00$90,000Iguanodon x2Iguanodon x5Iguanodon x4
Iren Dabasu Formation

Asia | China | Inner Mongolia

02:00$90,000Archaeornithomimus x4Archaeornithomimus x4Archaeornithomimus x1Velociraptor x5Velociraptor x3Velociraptor x2
Ischigualasto Formation

South America | Argentina | San Juan Province

02:00$105,000Herrerasaurus x4Herrerasaurus x8Herrerasaurus x7
Isle of Wight

Europe | UK | South Coast

02:00$75,000Polacanthus x3Polacanthus x10Polacanthus x7
Judith River Formation

North America | USA | Montana

02:00$60,000Troodon x1Troodon x3Troodon x3
Kaiparowits Formation

North America | USA | Utah

02:00$75,000Nasutoceratops x3Nasutoceratops x10Nasutoceratops x7
Kem Kem Beds

Africa | Morocco | Ksar-es-Souk

02:00$105,000Carcharodontosaurus x1Carcharodontosaurus x5Carcharodontosaurus x3
Kirtland Formation

North America | USA | New Mexico

02:00$75,000Parasaurolophus x5Parasaurolophus x3Parasaurolophus x1Pentaceratops x1Pentaceratops x5Pentaceratops x4
La Colonia Formation

South America | Argentina | Chubut Province

02:00$60,000Carnotaurus x3Carnotaurus x10Carnotaurus x7
Lance Formation

North America | USA | Wyoming

02:00$75,000Ankylosaurus x5Ankylosaurus x3Ankylosaurus x1Corythosaurus x2Edmontosaurus x4Edmontosaurus x1Edmontosaurus x5Pachycephalosaurus x3Struthiomimus x3Struthiomimus x5Struthiomimus x1Torosaurus x5Torosaurus x2Torosaurus x1Triceratops x1Triceratops x4Triceratops x5Tyrannosaurus rex x2
Laramie Formation

North America | USA | Colorado

02:00$90,000Styracosaurus x5Styracosaurus x4Styracosaurus x1Torosaurus x1
Lourinhã Formation

Europe | Portugal | Lourinhã

02:00$90,000Ceratosaurus x2Ceratosaurus x4Ceratosaurus x6Stegosaurus x1Stegosaurus x2
Lower Lufeng Series

Asia | China | Yunnan

02:00$90,000Dilophosaurus x5Dilophosaurus x4Dilophosaurus x2
Mackunda Formation

Australia | Australia | Queensland

02:00$105,000Muttaburrasaurus x3Muttaburrasaurus x10Muttaburrasaurus x7
Maevarano Formation

Africa | Madagascar | Mahajanga Basin

02:00$105,000Majungasaurus x3Majungasaurus x10Majungasaurus x7

Europe | UK | Gloucestershire

02:00$75,000Proceratosaurus x4Proceratosaurus x8Proceratosaurus x7
Morrison Formation

North America | USA | Colorado

02:00$75,000Apatosaurus x2Apatosaurus x5Apatosaurus x4Brachiosaurus x2Brachiosaurus x1Brachiosaurus x2Camarasaurus x2Camarasaurus x5Ceratosaurus x4Ceratosaurus x3Ceratosaurus x1Diplodocus x3Diplodocus x2Diplodocus x1Dryosaurus x3Dryosaurus x10Dryosaurus x7Sauropelta x5Sauropelta x2
Nemegt Formation

Asia | Mongolia | Gobi Desert

02:00$90,000Gallimimus x3Gallimimus x10Gallimimus x7Homalocephale x3Homalocephale x10Homalocephale x7Parasaurolophus x5Parasaurolophus x2Velociraptor x1Velociraptor x5Velociraptor x4
Oxford Clay

Europe | UK | Weymouth

02:00$75,000Metriacanthosaurus x3Metriacanthosaurus x10Metriacanthosaurus x7
Peay Sandstone Member

North America | USA | Wyoming

02:00$90,000Nodosaurus x3Nodosaurus x10Nodosaurus x7
Pierre Shale

North America | USA | Montana

02:00$60,000Pteranodon x4Pteranodon x1Pteranodon x5
Prince Creek Formation

North America | USA | Alaska

02:00$60,000Troodon x1Troodon x4Troodon x2
Scollard Formation

North America | Canada | Alberta

02:00$75,000Ankylosaurus x2Ankylosaurus x2Chasmosaurus x5Chasmosaurus x2Chasmosaurus x1Corythosaurus x4Corythosaurus x1Pachycephalosaurus x5Pachycephalosaurus x2Pachycephalosaurus x1
Smokejack Clay Pit

Europe | UK | Surrey

02:00$60,000Baryonyx x1Baryonyx x5Baryonyx x3
Smoky Hill Chalk

North America | USA | Kansas

02:00$75,000Pteranodon x2Pteranodon x5Pteranodon x3
Solnhofen Formation

Europe | Germany | Kelheim

02:00$75,000Compsognathus x4Compsognathus x1Compsognathus x5
Tegama Beds

Africa | Niger | Tenere Desert

02:00$105,000Nigersaurus x3Nigersaurus x10Nigersaurus x7Suchomimus x3Suchomimus x10Suchomimus x7
Tendaguru Formation

Africa | Tanzania | Mkoa wa Mtwara

02:00$105,000Kentrosaurus x3Kentrosaurus x10Kentrosaurus x7
Twin Mountains Formation

North America | USA | Texas

02:00$75,000Acrocanthosaurus x2Acrocanthosaurus x4Acrocanthosaurus x4
Udurchukan Formation

Asia | Russia | Amur Oblast

02:00$60,000Olorotitan x4Olorotitan x8Olorotitan x7
Xingezhuang Formation

Asia | China | Shandong

02:00$60,000Sinoceratops x3Sinoceratops x10Sinoceratops x7
Yuliangze Formation

Asia | China | Heilongjiang

02:00$60,000Crichtonsaurus x3Crichtonsaurus x10Crichtonsaurus x7Tsintaosaurus x3Tsintaosaurus x10Tsintaosaurus x7
Ziliujing Formation

Asia | China | Dashanpu

02:00$105,000Chungkingosaurus x3Chungkingosaurus x10Chungkingosaurus x7Dilophosaurus x1Dilophosaurus x5Dilophosaurus x3Gigantspinosaurus x3Gigantspinosaurus x10Gigantspinosaurus x7Huayangosaurus x3Huayangosaurus x10Huayangosaurus x7Mamenchisaurus x3Mamenchisaurus x10Mamenchisaurus x7


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